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Back from Czech Replubic
03-08-2008 22:16

Yesterday my girlfriend and I returned from the Czech Replubic. We planned our annual holiday to visit the Czech Republic. We have stayed there for two weeks and we had an amazing time. A detailed story about our holiday will be posted in a couple of days together with some images that we have made during this trip.

And now that I am back I've decided to spend some time to develop my own blog a bit. At this moment I've added a menu and subsites section. Within the menu you can see a link 'gallery'. Unfortunately this link does not work yet. However when the gallery is finished all kinds of pictures and images will be stored there. Including the pictures from the Czech Republic.

Puzzle completed
18-07-2008 15:26

My girlfriend and I completed a puzzle of 3000 pieces. It took us over three weeks to complete it. We both are pretty happy about it. Especially since we got the puzzle from dear friends. For me it was the first time I've completed a puzzle of 3000 pieces. So now we do have to look for a new challenge. However this doesn't mean that we need an another puzzle of 3000 to statisfy our needs. A puzzle of 1000 pieces will be fine aswell. A puzzel of 1000 pieces will actually fit on my table.

To prove that we really did finish the puzzle we've taken a picture of the puzzle.




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